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portrait & lifestyle photographer

based in lisbon

feminine portraits

Your story deserves to be told through photographs that portray your beauty and identity and celebrate self-love and female empowerment.

Couples in Love

Finding love in your better half also deserves to be celebrated with beautiful photographs. There is no place for awkward poses or fake smiles, only for authenticity, expressing your genuine emotions that result from spontaneous interaction.

The Maternity Journey

The exciting journey of motherhood is one of the most incredible, challenging and rewarding ones for a woman, and deserves to be celebrated and documented with photographs since the very beginning.

The History of The Family

Capturing moments of you bonding and playing together in photographs that become a part of your family’s legacy for generations is an experience that will allow you to remember moments that fly by in the blink of an eye.

inspiring photographs

If you’ve got a talent for fashion design and creation or producing content to share your personal style, there’s a need for photographs that inspire the consumers through styled looks that help them make purchasing decisions.



I’m Sofia.

I portray feminine beauty and identity and document your milestones like finding love, expecting a baby and raising a family.

I also document special events in your life, like your wedding, a baptism, and a birthday or anniversary.

In addition to capturing memories in photographs, I help talented entrepreneurs and content creators to inspire consumers through photographs of their fashion creations or their personal style in a way that crosses lifestyle and editorial.